Prep is DirtyYoga®'s yoga for beginners. Learn anytime. Learn anywhere. Set your own pace. Review and repeat as required. In Prep, there's no down time, no theory, no commute, no weird stuff, no long, slow, beginner classes. Our goal is for you to start practicing yoga as soon as possible. Prep is straightforward and easy as (warrior) one, two, three.

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5 Lessons

(about 40 minutes each)






2 Practice Classes  (2 x 45 mins)

5 Practices  (5 X 10 mins)





1 DirtyYoga® Workout

(40 minutes)


Prep™ is yoga for beginners. In it we break down the most common poses used in DirtyYoga® in five easy lessons, which you can repeat as often as you like. True to it's name, Prep™ prepares you for a DirtyYoga® workout (or any vinyasa yoga class). Prep is for yoga virgins and anyone who might need a refresher course.

Prep is a unique beginner yoga program, designed to get you practicing yoga as quickly as possible at a level that's physically beneficial—that is, a level that counts as exercise.


DirtyYoga® is yoga for people who don't have time for yoga. Prep™, our yoga for beginners, follows the same philosophy, making learning yoga convenient and efficient. We believe that most people can and want to enter yoga at a more physically challenging (and less boring) level. They just need to learn a few basic poses to get started. Prep focuses on those basic poses, one at a time.

     Prep is for beginners but we don't want you to remain beginners for long. We want you to progress quickly, so that you get all the physical benefits of yoga.

     After Prep, you'll have 25 of the most used poses in DirtyYoga® under your belt. Which is more than enough to start a practice with. Prep prepares you specifically for DirtyYoga®, but it can also be used to get started on almost any other vinyasa yoga practice.



Five Easy Lessons

Each lesson is broken up into two parts. "Prep", in which you learn poses and "Practice", in which you practice the poses you just learned.


Two Practice Classes and Five Practice Sessions

The practice classes and short practice sessions are designed to allow you to practice everything you've learned at a manageable pace.


 A DirtyYoga® Workout

Test your new yoga skills and poses against a real (unmodified) DirtyYoga® workout.

Once you complete Prep™, you're ready for DirtyYoga®. You'll come across new poses in the workouts, but they'll be surrounded by poses you’re already familiar with. DirtyYoga® is a physically challenging practice, but it's made up of yoga poses almost everyone can do (even if some take a little more practice). You’ll keep learning while working out.


If you sign up for DirtyYoga®, you'll also have access to our "Basics" videos, a video reference library of everything you learned in Prep. Any time you need to review a basic pose, it'll be at your fingertips.



Yoga is so good for you that everyone should be doing it. So we're making Prep™ available for the price of one NYC yoga class (and a cheap class at that), that's $15 for 28 days access to DirtyYoga®'s yoga for beginners. Or, think of it as the price of one cocktail (in Manhattan), which is not much of an outlay to begin a practice which will benefit you for the rest of your life. We've priced it low because we think everyone should be doing yoga but we're not sure we can keep it that point, so get it while you can.


We've also made our yoga for beginners a stand alone product which means that after you complete it, you can get your yoga anywhere you want to (though, of course, we hope you choose to get Dirty).