What's stopping you from doing yoga? No time? No fun? Too girly? Too weird? Dirty Yoga Co.'s online yoga workouts solve all these problems.

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock the past decade, you’ve probably heard that yoga is good for you. If you have been hiding under a rock, well, have we got news for you! Yoga is good for you! It's so good for you that everyone should be doing it. But they're not. Why not?


In an informal survey, Dirty Yoga Co. asked a bunch of people (who should have been doing yoga but were not) why that was. What was stopping them from doing yoga? These were the answers we were given, in the stop sign on the left.

We created DirtyYoga® for them, people like them, and anyone else who finds it inconvenient to practice conventional yoga, whatever the reason. With Dirty Yoga Co.’s online yoga workouts—described by someone in the media as “Yoga 2.0”—there are no more excuses not to do yoga (see just why below).


So the only thing standing between you and a convenient yoga practice that will help your mind and body age well, is you.



Dirty Yoga Co. stops all the things that stop you from doing yoga. There are no more excuses not to do yoga with our online yoga workouts.

Roll over to find out how we stop the things that stop you from doing yoga.



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