"Love the Dirty Yoga.  My husband, who has never set foot in a yoga class, did his first session with me this morning and loved it.  We're upgrading to The Habit.  I originally signed up for one week just to test it out.  All the tutorials and Quickies were perfect but my biggest fear was that the actual sessions would morph into everything I hate about yoga. "Massage music... Ooooom... You're in a redwood forest... unlock your inner subconscious to release the hips and get deeper into pigeon pose... now that you've held warrior two for 5 minutes move into crane... now headstand... figure these all out yourself because it will disturb MY inner chi to give you any corrections on how to do the poses properly... try not to fall asleep as I speak with the standard-issue slow, boring, yoga voice... if you fall over because it makes no logical sense how I did the series I just did, do your best to land in child's pose..."

Thank the great yoga gods for you, Jess.  We cranked up the laptop volume, put our own distinctly non-massage music on in the background, and did our best to hold the half-moon twist with you this morning. (That move needs a little work for us. Something to aspire to.) We love when you say, "No big deal." And we've had so much fun exploring every corner of the site.  It speaks to us in all the right ways.  Love the Manifesto. Love the Pledge. Love the graphics and ads. Love the Tips and Tricks (the latest shoulder one is awesome.) So far, the sessions have been very challenging, but not impossible. A great blend of flexibility, strength and balance."

(More real life confessions will be coming soon.)

After shedding 80 pounds and taking control of her body and life,  Jesslyn Weaver became a health coach, inspiring others to lose extra pounds. She encourages her clients to do Dirty Yoga (thank you, Jesslyn!) as it can be done without the "tight spandex and condescending instructors". Jesslyn is also a fashion blogger and mother of three little girls (all yoga-naturals). Jesslyn is a habitual user of Dirty.



If you have a story to tell about your experience using Dirty Yoga please send your Dirty Confession to Confessions@DirtyYogaCo.com (or click on the button on the left) . Please include your full name, and a short bio (i.e. tell us a little bit about yourself).



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