What is DirtyYoga®?

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Do I need prior yoga experience to do DirtyYoga®?

Yes. Dirty is not designed for absolute beginners. (Please Note: DirtyYoga® has a beginner program designed to get a beginner ready for DirtyYoga®. You can find it under "Beginners" in the main menu.)


How much yoga experience do I need?

At least five yoga classes with a good instructor. That is, enough experience to feel you understand basic poses and alignment. And as with any new yoga class or teacher, you'll probably take a little time to get used to the flow and pace.


What level of yoga is DirtyYoga®?

Dirty is a mid-level yoga practice, designed for people in reasonable shape and who have some yoga experience. We would rate our foundational DirtyYoga® workout as a 3-out-of-5 (in terms of a physical challenge) for someone who exercises regularly.


What sort of yoga is DirtyYoga®?

Dirty is Vinyasa style yoga, with a focus on strength and stability. It differs from "normal" vinyasa yoga in that it's specifically tailored for to be done online, and is designed to deliver a concentrated workout in a shorter amount of time than most vinyasa yoga classes.


What is Vinyasa yoga?

Vinyasa is a general term for any kind of flowing or power yoga, like Ashtanga or Hatha. Forms of yoga that use static poses, e.g. Bikram or Iyengar, are not Vinyasa yoga.


What if I'm an advanced yogi?

While the poses are not performed at an advanced level, DirtyYoga® can still provide an advanced yogi with a physically challenging workout. We also offer workouts that combine weights with yoga, which help to build strength to hold advanced poses for longer. You could also use DirtyYoga® to warm up for more advanced poses or as the basis to create your own advanced practice around. So, DirtyYoga® could actually be a great addition to your at home practice.


However, if you’re looking to learn advanced poses or for an  advanced workshop experience, you won't find that here. (Actually, you're unlikely to find it in any online class as it’s not possible to teach very advanced poses online, in safety.)





Does it matter what kind of yoga I've done?

If you’ve done any general form of yoga like Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Hatha, or any kind of flow or power yoga you'll have the experience you need to do Dirty Yoga. If you’re experienced in a specific form of yoga like Bikram or Iyengar, you may come across unfamiliar poses in Dirty but will probably find you'll be able to learn as you go. If you're unsure about your yoga experience then it'd be a good idea to take a Vinyasa class with a reputable teacher, at a studio or gym, before you begin Dirty.


Who is the Dirty Yogi?

Jess Gronholm.


How long has he been teaching?

Jess has been a yoga teacher for over fifteen years.


Where was he trained?

Jess completed three teacher trainings, including one with YogaWorks, and one with Shiva Rea.


Who were his favorite yoga teachers?

Shiva Rea, Annie Carpenter, Tim Miller, Maty Ezraty, Bryan Kest, and Jon Cassotta.


How did he become the Dirty Yogi?

He was picked out of hundreds of hopeful applicants because of his hair. No, seriously, as the co-founder of Dirty Yoga Co., and one of the few people with his yoga experience who also had general fitness expertise and years of experience creating yoga and exercise classes, he was a shoo-in for the job. We built our workouts around his teaching style, of which DirtyYoga® is a natural extension.


Where can I find out more about Jess?

Read more in his bio, or in our Dirty Story.



What is Dirty Yoga?

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What do I need to know before I do Dirty Yoga?

Our videos are pretty straightforward, however, they are not conventional yoga videos, so we suggest you take a quick look at "How Dirty Works" in the main menu before working out.


What should I wear to do Dirty Yoga?

Unrestrictive clothing. Basically, whatever you wear to exercise normally. Or, if you’re that way inclined, wear nothing—just don’t send us pictures.


Why is there no Sivasana at the end of a class?

Dirty Yoga is designed for people who don’t really have time to lie around, so Sivasana is optional, but if you do have an extra five minutes, by all means add Sivasana on your own at the end of a Dirty session.


Is there anything I need to do to prepare myself before a class?

Dirty Yoga sessions begin in a standing position, and get going quickly. If you require time in a seated or resting position to prepare yourself for your yoga practice, we suggest taking a few minutes to do so before starting.


How often should I do Dirty Yoga?

Our schedule suggests five workouts a week. And if you can do more great. We recommend you do yoga at least three times a week. We also recommend doing some cardio each week. Of course, how much yoga you do does depend upon how much other exercise you're doing. For example, if you're doing another form of strenuous exercise everyday, one yoga session a week may be enough.


Why do Dirty Sessions expire each week?

Our goal is to get you doing yoga regularly. There's no point saving up yoga workouts, or saving up any kind of exercise for that matter. Exercise only works if you do it. Regularly. That's why we take the "use it or lose it" approach. That said, there will always be the full range of our workouts available.




What if I can’t do a pose?

Do whatever you would do if you can't do a pose in a live yoga class. Sit it out, do a modified version, watch it through and then try it, or do another pose instead.


What if I’m injured?

If you have an injury you should consult a doctor before doing any kind of exercise that might prolong or make your injury worse.


What if I can’t keep up with the workout?

If taking a break or two helps you through the yoga  workout, do it. But Dirty Yoga is not for everybody. It may not be for you. Only you’ll be able to tell if it’s beyond your physical limitations. And remember, everything is more difficult at first. What seems a little too hard now might be very doable in a few weeks time, if you keep doing it.


Do I need blocks or a strap to do Dirty Yoga?

No. However, if you have blocks or a strap and you know how to use them, by all means use them if you need them or if they make you more comfortable. (There are two Dirty tutorials on using Blocks under "Tutorials" in the menu on the user page).


Where can I read your Terms & Conditions of Use?

You can read them by clicking here.


How do I cancel Dirty Yoga?

The only product which involves a monthly payment is "The Habit". You can easily cancel the Habit by choosing "Account" from the menu on your user page (the page with all the yoga), and following the links.


How long does cancellation take?

Once you submit your cancellation form, it will take one to three business days for us to process it. As "The Habit" is billed monthly, you need  to cancel at least 14 days prior to your monthly billing date to avoid being charged for the following month. You can, of course, continue to use your yoga sessions until your billing cycle expires. To read our Terms & Conditions of Use, click here.








What if I lose my password?

The "Retrieve Password" link is available on your log in box (just below the log in). Submit the form and a link to reset your password will be emailed to you at the email address you registered with.


How do I change or update my credit card details?

You can update your credit card details using the "Update Credit Card" link under "Account" in the menu on the user page (the page with all the yoga). Submit the form and we will email you a link to a secure page where you can update your credit card. (We don't store your credit card details on our site for security reasons).


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