We the people of Dirty Yoga, in order to form a more perfect yoga delivery system, create firmer butts all around, and secure the blessings of ecommerce to ourselves, do exercise our right to revolution by delivering fresh online yoga to you.


‘Tis the Dirty Yoga practice to be accepting of all forms of exercise, but all get-thin-quick schemes, infomercial exercise equipment, and overly chirpy* fitness instructors will be taken out back, fitted with concrete shoes and dropped off a pier.


We can’t promise you’ll lose weight or be popular or achieve enlightenment. We could but we’d be lying. That kind of stuff is all you.


We can promise yoga. The kind that makes it easier to fit a regular practice into your life, whether or not you wear lotus blossoms in your hair.


Let others decry the hollow commercialism of online yoga from their soy-candle-scented sanctuaries. We’ll be doing yoga. Whenever we can. However we can. We hope you’ll join us. ‘Cause here’s the thing: the point of doing yoga is, well, to do yoga. Doing it, even once a week, counts. It’s really very simple, more yoga is better than less yoga, and some yoga is better than no yoga.


We’ll deliver. The rest is up to you.


Namaste, dude.


*Even with all those endorphins, nobody is that happy.



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