Our Tips & Tricks blog is our most popular blog. It's full of, well, tips and tricks. Video  tips, little tricks & stretches, pose snapshots, and some random advice. If you like yoga, it's awesome stuff. If not, it's still bearable.

I Spy With My Third Eye is a somewhat enlightened blog, containing a little news and information, a little humor, a little inspiration, a little bit about us,  and  a few things you can get your teeth into (you know, eat).

If you need a moment of zen (or just a reason to avoid work), look no further. You'll find motivational quotes, neat stuff, expensive stuff, and cool ideas. Zen-In-A-Minute is a blog guaranteed to keep you happily occupied for at least 60 seconds.

This blog is for the boys. Girls are better than boys at yoga, and we know that brings up all sorts of issues. So, we're here for moral support. Ask The Dirty Yogi questions, read about man things, and reassure yourself that real men do yoga and that your manhood is intact.



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